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  • How is a WSP retreat different from a normal vacation safari?
    A Worldwide Success Partners retreat offers a transformative experience that goes beyond the typical safari holiday. While a normal safari holiday may focus solely on sightseeing and relaxation, our retreats are designed to enrich your life on multiple levels: Purposeful Engagement: Unlike a typical safari holiday, our retreats integrate hands-on wildlife conservation activities, allowing you to actively contribute to meaningful conservation efforts and make a positive impact on the environment. Personal Growth: Our retreats are not just about observing wildlife; they're about personal growth and development. We can include workshops, discussions, and guided reflections, so you'll have the opportunity to deepen your self-awareness, enhance your leadership skills, and cultivate a deeper connection with nature. Exclusive Access: While traditional safari holidays may offer standard tourist experiences, our retreats provide exclusive access to conservation experts, behind-the-scenes tours, and unique wildlife encounters that go beyond the ordinary tourist attractions. Customization: With Worldwide Success Partners, your retreat experience is fully customizable to suit your interests, preferences, and goals. Whether you're passionate about rhino conservation, eager to explore new cultures, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility in nature, we tailor your itinerary to ensure a personalized and unforgettable experience. Impactful Legacy: By participating in a Worldwide Success Partners retreat, you're not just taking a holiday; you're leaving a legacy. Your contributions to wildlife conservation and community empowerment will have a lasting impact, helping to preserve our planet's natural heritage for future generations. In summary, a Worldwide Success Partners retreat offers a unique blend of adventure, personal growth, and purposeful engagement that sets it apart from a normal safari holiday.
  • Will I see the BIG 5?
    We understand that traveling to South Africa and staying in a wilderness camp creates certain expectations regarding seeing wildlife. The main goal of our programs is to experience natural beauty and contribute to wildlife conservation. Although we try to see wildlife during our walks and jeep rides, we can never guarantee that we will have sightings. If your main reason for coming to South Africa is to check off your list of the BIG 5, we recommend booking a safari vacation instead of a Worldwide Success Partners retreat.
  • With how many people can we book a retreat?
    We believe in the power of intimacy and personal connection. That's why we keep our groups small, ensuring a safe, immersive, and flexible experience for every participant. With smaller groups, we can provide individualized attention, prioritize safety measures, and offer a more intimate and authentic encounter with wildlife and nature. Whether you're exploring the reserve on foot or embarking on a conservation mission, our small group size allows for meaningful interactions, deeper engagement, and unforgettable moments that go beyond the ordinary. Minimum group size is 4 people, maximum group size is 8.
  • Will we have WiFi and phone service during our retreat?
    There is always an option to have access to WiFi or phone service in the wilderness camps and lodges. We specifically ask people to turn their phones on airplane mode during bush walks and conservation activities to ensure safety and a more in-depth experience. Please note that the signal isn't as strong as in Europe and disturbances of the signal may occur during your stay due to weather or unforeseen electrical issues in the area.
  • Which language is spoken?
    The local team and our guides speak English. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is important that you understand basic English and, above all, are not afraid to ask questions if something is not clear.
  • What insurance do I need to participate in a WSP retreat?
    Since the program is a personal development program, in principle you do not need travel insurance. However, it is advisable to take out good insurance every time you travel abroad. We require all of our participants to provide and advise their current health insurance policy and to insure with international (travel) coverage.
  • Can I pay through my company for the retreat?
    Worldwide Success Partners is registered as a training/ educational company in The Netherlands. Therefore, your accountant (or employer) can book the costs as training/education expenses. All our fees exclude 21% VAT, according to local laws. When you register yourself and want your employer or company to be billed, please fill in all company details on the registration form, including the correct company name and registered VAT number of the company.
  • What vaccines/ malaria medication do I need?
    Our programs often take place in remote wilderness areas where malaria can occur. We encourage you to make an appointment with your family doctor or local health services (GGD) after registration for information on the various malaria prevention options so that you can make your own informed choice. Regarding vaccinations, currently (May 2024) there are no required vaccinations for Europeans to travel to South Africa. Take into account your flight; for example, if you have a layover in a “yellow fever” country (even if it is only 1 hour), entry into South Africa will only be granted if you can prove that you have had a yellow fever vaccination. Therefore, it is also important to be well informed and well prepared before you travel.
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